2022 RICA Membership

2022 RICA Membership
Price: $150.00

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RICA membership is open to the following 3 Section Classes of members:
  • Section 1: Persons employed by railroads involved with the handling of clearances and dimensional shipments.
  • Section 2: Persons employed by shippers that are involved in the inquiry and procurement of clearance authority from railroads, in the handling of dimensional rail shipments.
  • Section 3: Persons that work in other areas of logistics in support of dimensional shipment activity by rail, such as ports, specialized trucking, ocean carriers, and third party rail service providers.
All applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next General Membership Meeting. Any individuals who are not approved will have their dues payment refunded. Membership in the Railway Industrial Clearance Association is based on an individual basis and not by company. Companies, who have individuals as members may, however, become sponsors of the organization.