RICA is a volunteer-run organization committed to providing great quality content, networking and events for Railway Clearance professionals and the customers who use these services.

If you are interested in supporting the work or RICA we can use your help! Take a moment and complete the form below and one of our team will get in touch with you.

Please note: we typically staff volunteer roles on an annual basis, so there may not be positions available immediately.

Background information on some of our volunteer opportunities:

Clearance Committee: The Clearance Committee works to address issues effecting railway clearances. This committee works on various tasks including publishing and maintaining a general clearance map, and coordinating clearance issues with AREMA committee. Further, the committee looks at addressing any improvement in the handling of dimensional clearances with the various clearance managers and the railroads.

E-Info Committee: The E-Info Committee's primary task is the maintenance of RICA's web site and electronic information flow. The committee works with the other parts of the RICA organization & membership for information to be both posted on the site as well as sent to the membership via e-mail. The committee also works very closely with the secretary and the treasurer on membership registrations and renewals, as well as preparation and operation of the General Membership Meeting registration system.

Equipment Committee: The equipment committee focuses on providing information on specialized railcars that are utilized in the movement of dimensional cargo. The committee works on areas from types and listings of cars, to challenges in the industry such as equipment availability and clean decks.

Publicity Committee: The publicity committee works to promote RICA in the logistics industry, and to highlight in the trade media RICA activities. The Publicity Committee is also responsible for the organizations sponsorship program.

Service Committee: The RICA service committee is tasked with the annual dimensional rail carrier survey, and also collects information from the membership on issues effecting the industry, and ways to improve and address these issues. The committee's survey results are tabulated and the committee presents the annual carrier and port of the year, and most improved carrier awards.





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