The Bill Walker Memorial Award was established in 1984 to recognize individuals of the Association that project the high standards and moral character that RICA member and past president Bill Walker exemplified throughout his career. Recipients of this award are those that have greatly contributed to the Railway Industrial Clearance Association, and is the highest honor bestowed by the Association to one of its members.

A bit of history and background on Mr. Walker as provided by Ed McCouch: "Bill’s father had been head of the clearance department for the Pennsylvania Railroad. Bill worked in the department, taking over as manager upon his father’s retirement. Bill was one of the finest gentlemen one could ever meet. He was extremely willing to help and highly knowledgeable. If you contacted Bill about a clearance load, you had a guarantee that he would check it out and do whatever was possible to work it out and develop a solution to move the load. He was a clearance man’s clearance man. He did so much for the Association in the early years that is truly fitting we utilize his name to remember other members who further the goals and ideals of RICA. Bill served as a Director, Vice President and President”.

Members are encouraged to present a nominee in writing to any officer, director or committee chair which in turn is presented to the RICA Chairman Ex-Officio. The Ex-Officio selects two members from the General Membership who serve as the committee to make the final selection on a yearly basis. At the board meeting prior to the Annual General Membership Meeting, this committee advises the officers that an individual(s) has been selected. In some years there have been no nominees, thence no award.

Bill Walker Memorial Award Recipients:

Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient Year Recipient
Shane Barraclough 2008 Jim Hamilton & John Flagello 1999 No Award 1990 Glenn Graff
Tom Ulrich 2007 Mark Lockwood 1998 Jim Kearney 1989 Ed Henry
Jeff Ketterman 2006 Steve Evans, Tony Vasil & Harry Ketterman 1997 Jim Pearsall 1988 John Coles
Jeremy Williams 2005 Gabe Kassab 1996 John Amos 1987 Donald LaPorte
Justin Gilmet 2004 Steve Tarr, Mike Scott & Bob Felix 1995 James Ormsby 1986 Charlie Smoot
Rick Ford 2003 Joe Boehle 1994 No Award 1985 Joseph Ferreira
Julie Holman & Kelli Collins 2002 Bill Thurow & Dick Knoll 1993 James Riebeling 1984 Ed McCouch
Carol Boylan 2001 Gabe Kassab 1992 E.E. Kessler

Lucie Huberdeau 2000 Vince Guinto & Paul Williams 1991 Michael Covey


Established in 2009, this award is given to a member, active or retired, who has shown throughout their membership, continued dedication to the RICA organization at the highest level. Candidates for this award are nominated by the membership as part of the RICA annual survey, or as otherwise determined by the Board.

Heritage Award Recipients:

Year Recipients
2017 Shane Barraclough
2016 Mark Lockwood & Barry Anderson
2015 Rick Ford & Lucie Huberdeau
2014 Joe Boehle & Justin Gilmet
2013 Steve Evans & John Amos
2012 Bob Felix & Harry Ketterman
2011 Mike Scott & Charlie Smoot
2010 Jim Pearsall & Gabe Kassab
2009 Ed Henry & Don LaPorte


The President Award is given at the President's discretion to an individual(s) in appreciation for contributions and efforts to the organization.

The President's Award Recipients:

Year Recipients
2017 Mike Scott
2016 Trish Haver & Rocco Piccirillo
2015 Shane Barraclough
2014 Tom Ulrich & Chris King
2013 S.C. Ports Authority
2012 Alabama Port Authority, John Mickler & Deb Ferns
2011 Jeremy Williams & Richard Flores
2010 Kelli Collins
2009 Rick Ford
2007 Steve Evans, Mark Lockwood & Jesse McCabe
2006 Jeff Ketterman
2001 Mark Lockwood & Frank Rodriguez


The Service Awards are given annually to acknowledge the nation's best and most improved Railroads and Ports.

The Service Award Recipients:

Year Railroad of the Year Most Improved Railroad Port of the Year Most Improved Port Marketing Group of the Year Clearance Group of the Year
2016 UP UP CSX
2015 CSX BNSF Port of Duluth Port of Seattle
2014 CSX KCS Houston Philadelphia
2013 CSX BNSF Houston Port of Beaumont & Hueneme
2012 CSX NS Savannah Savannah
2011 CSX CN Mobile & Duluth Mobile
2010 CSX KCS Albany Tacoma
2009 NS NS Stockton Vancouver, BC
CSX UP Mobile & Albany Mobile & Albany
2007 CSX CN Houston
2006 CSX & TFM


The Unsung Hero Award is given to individuals who have worked behind the scenes in support of our organization. These individuals work tirelessly throughout the year to assist the Board of Directors in many ways and ensure the annual conference is a success.

Year Recipients
2017 Kelli Collins
2016 Bob Felix
2015 Justin Gilmet
2014 David Walker
2013 Maggie Reese
2012 Kathy Evans, Diane Felix, Tina Ford & Tracy Scott
2011 Justin Gilmet
2010 Deb Ferns
2009 Jack Groder