Since 1955, TTX has been a unique and creative provider to the rail industry. Throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, the signature yellow cars of TTX Company move along North America’s railroads carrying containers, trailers, automobiles, lumber, steel, paper and a long list of other goods and raw materials that consumers and companies rely on every day. But, TTX is not a railroad. And, it is not a railcar leasing company.

TTX is a railcar pooling company. Founded as Trailer Train in 1955 by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the subsidiary invested in a new technology – flatcars that would haul highway trailers. More rail carriers soon bought stock as well, and in 1974 they proposed to establish the distribution principles under a “pooling agreement” approved by the federal Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC).

Pooling means that railroads share the railcars bringing several benefits. First, railroads have the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions because the fleet is already established. Second, they do not have to waste resources switching out and returning empty railcars, eliminating supply chain inefficiencies. Third, the capital burden on railroads is reduced because TTX buys the cars, lowering operating costs, and reducing the industry’s risk. All of these help keep the railroads competitive to the benefit of the shipping public. Our right-sized, low cost, reliable fleet of over 165,000 railcars serves North America’s railroads and the world’s freight needs. TTX helps railroads meet their customers’ needs by providing, tracking and maintaining railcars in an efficient, pooled environment, investing over $9 billion in additional railcars, since 2000.